Preferred Bibliographic Formats
The following are suggested formats to be employed in footnotes and bibliographies in MUHL courses. They are based in Chicago Manual of Style format requirements.
Grout, Donald Jay. A History of Western Music. New York: Norton, 1974.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. Title. Publication City: Publisher, Date.
Smith, Christopher J. "Broadway the Hard Way." Journal of the College Music Society 8/2 (Spring 1994): 56-90.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. "Title." Journal #/# [that is, Volume/Number] (Date of publication): ##-## [that is, page numbers].
Chapter in a book
Smith, Christopher J. "A Sense of the Possible: Miles Davis and the Semiotics of Improvised Performance." In Improvisation: In the Course of Performance, 145-66. Urbana: Universit yof Illinois Press, 1998.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. "Title." In Title, ##-## [that is, page numbers]. Publication City: Publisher, Date.
Smith, ChristopherJ. "I Can Show It to You Better Than I Can Explain It to You." Ph.D. diss., Indiana University, 1999.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. "Title." Type of document. Issuing University: Date.
Ives, Charles E. The Country Band March. Ed. James B. Sinclair. New York: Boosey & Hawks, 1975.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. Title. Ed. (if any). City: Publisher, Year of Publication.
Kuti, Fela Anikulapo. Music of Fela - Roforofo Fight. Lagos: Jofabro NigeriaJILP001, 1971.
(e.g.) Lastname, Firstname. Title. City: Catalog Number, Year of Publication.
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