TTU Musicology Research-Language Requirement

All graduate students majoring in Musicology (MM and FADP) are required to show competency in a language (other than English) as a research tool. Typically, the selection of the research language is expected to support the major area of research and/or the thesis topic, and is decided in conversation between the candidate and the thesis advisor. Candidates demonstrate competence only through sitting and successfully passing an individualized translation exam—there is no “coursework equivalency”. The exam typically consists of a sample of 3-5 pages of musicological literature in the research language, selected by that member of the Musicology staff (or a designee) with competence in the research language. The candidate sits a two-hour exam, generating an English-language translation of the language sample; the only permitted aid is a bilingual dictionary. The resulting translation is assessed by the designated staff member for accuracy and a grade of Pass/Fail is awarded.