Using blogs in MUHL2303 Discussion Sections

In this course, we make use of (free) online group weblogs (“blogs”) in order to post and respond to Discussion Questions, formulate individual and group responses, and link to important musicological information. Each Discussion section (2303-001, 2303-002, 2303-003) will have its own blog, for which each student in the section is required to create a “Profile” and subscription; instructions will be provided.

Here is how it works:

During the first week of classes, MUHL staff will supply the URL of your particular section’s blog (for example, You will receive via email from your TA an automated “Invitation” to join your section’s blog—follow its instructions.

NOTE: email filters sometimes mistakenly identify this “invitation” as junk-mail or spam, so be sure to check your junk-mail or spam folders for the email. YOU are responsible for locating and replying to this email—and if it is lost, YOU are responsible for following up via email with your TA to get a repeat invitation.

On each Wednesday in the semester, the professor of record will post a set of Discussion Questions (8-10) to your section’s blog, addressing topics, trends, ideas, works, composers, or other material from the Lecture meetings. All students are expected to respond to these Questions using the online “comments” function at the end of each blog post by Friday 6am. Students not “commenting” by Friday 6am can expect to be called upon during Discussion meetings; failure to respond effectively will result in zero credit.

TA’s will review and record student comments on the week’s Discussion Questions and will tally points resulting, also using these comments to shape the day’s work. Each Friday’s group discussion will culminate in the formulation and posting of a “Group Comment” on selected Discussion Questions—those not contributing will receive zero credit.

Students are encouraged to read both section-colleagues’ comments and other sections’ blogs in order to generate new ideas and approaches, but see below:

No direct quotation of any material outside your individual section’s blog is permitted in “Comments”. If you wish to draw your colleagues’ attention to material from the Web, the ONLY permissible means of doing so is to create a link with a brief (parenthetical) annotation indicating the content of the link.

Do not create a link without an annotation, and do not include any quoted material.

Comments containing quoted material will be deleted and will receive zero credit.