Using blogger to set up blogs in MUHL Discussion Sections

You will need to begin by setting up a (free) user account at Blogger is owned by Google; if you already have a Google account (for example, if you use Gmail), you can use that existing Google account, or create an entirely different account.
If you do not have a Google account, click on "Create your blog now" (you will not need to use or post to this blog, but it is a necessary step in signing up for the Google acount). Follow Step 1 ("Create Account"); Step 2 ("Name Your Blog"--you can always delete this later if you wish); Step 3 ("Choose Template", or just leave the generic template).
When you have completed this process, sign out and back in to You will see your blog, and also any blogs whose invitations you have replied to (typically, your instructor-of-record will issue this email invitation and you will reply to it, following instructions). Click on "Dashboard" to change your account settings, or on the name of the particular blog you want to see or post to.
If you are an administrator, the following Settings are recommended for MUHL teaching blogs.
Under "Settings - Basic":
Set everything to "Yes"; click "Save Settings" Under "Setttings - Publishing": Set "Blog*Spot Address" to for example Under "Settings - Formatting": Just keep generic settings, but set "Time Zone" for Mountain Time Under "Settings - Comments": Comments: "Show" Who can comment? "Only Registered Users" Backlinks: "Hide" Show comments in a popup window: "No" Enable comment moderation: "No" Show word verification for comments: "Yes" Show profile iages on comments: "Yes" Comment notification address: Set to the Section's TA's preferred teaching email address click "Save Settings" Under "Settings - Archiving" Leave all at generic settings Under "Settings - Site Feed" Keep all at generic settings, EXCEPT Feed Item Footer: paste in the following message: "Originated at http://muhl2303-001, the Weblog for students in MUHL2303 (section 001) at Texas Tech University" click "Save Settings" Under "Settings - Email" Blogsend Address: TA's work email Leave Mail-to-Blogger Address alone click "Save Settings" Under "Settings - Permissions" Click on "Add Authors" blue button to paste in email addresses. These email invitations must be sent to students (as "authors" able to write new posts in addition to comments) and the students must reply with a series of actions. So, treat this as opportunity (like the beginning-of-semester "Sample Bio" WebCT assignment) to ensure that students are responding to web instructions. Under "Blog Readers," check "Anybody"