Audio Resources for Pedagogy and Research (CJS)
Brief description of assistanceships (CJS)
Constructing a Thesis Statement (CJS)
Components for a successful Topic Proposal (CJS)
Coping with plagiarism (CJS)
Core Skills in Music History (CJS)
Cornell Lecture Notes template (CJS)
Descriptor - Undergraduate MUHL sequence (CJS)
Developing a research topic (CJS)
Developing grant proposals: Introduction (also useful for developing research topics) (CJS)
Five Ways to Improve Your Writing in Five MInutes (ES)
General strategies for running discussion sections (CJS)
Guide to MUHL TA duties (CJS)
Guidelines for constructing an ethnomusicological fieldwork project (CIS)
How to host a scholarly conference (TMC)
How to read for musicological content (CJS)
How to sign up for a bloglines RSS account (now better superseded by Google Reader) (CJS)
Improving study techniques in MUHL classes
Managing the Data-flow colloquium presentation (CJS)
Music Appreciation Pedagogy (CJS)
Music Resources Basic and not so Basic (SJ)
Thinking about job descriptions (CJS)
Off-campus access to TTU Library database subscriptions (JSTOR included) (CJS)
Online music streams via TTU libraries (CJS)
Overview of Graduate Music History Placement Examinations (CJS)
Parallel Career Paths (SJ)
Pedagogy in the large-enrollment classroom (CJS)
Ph.D., DMA, MM Qualifying examinations (CJS)
Thoughts on seeking publication (CJS)
Redacted job application letter (template) (CJS)
Sample MM Qualifying exam (CJS)
Sample SHMRG listening comparison (CJS)
SHMRG details (CJS)
Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship applications (CJS)
Studying for Graduate Music History Exams (CJS)
Thinking about applications (CJS)
Thinking about ethnomusicology options (CJS)
Tips on teaching - Notes from TLTC presentation (CJS)
Topic Ideas and Thesis Statements: Review and Critique (CJS)
Upper-level musicology course topics, historical and future (CJS)
Using blogger to set up blogs in MUHL discussion sections (CJS)
Using Blogs in MUHL discussion sections (CJS)
Web 2.0 for Musicologists (CJS)

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